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NetScaler Monitor to Authenticate with a User Name and Password

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Has anyone configured custom NetScaler monitor for RabbitMQ services ?   

I configured custom monitor by following steps in https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX117142 but the monitor changes to UNKNOWN state with "Failure - TCP connection successful but application time out."  Curl command with user / password to RabbitMQ API works fine.  The response from RabbitMQ API /api/healthchek/node is 200 OK {"status": "ok"}.  I tried with multiple versions of response string but to no avail.


Any help will be highly appreciated.


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please share details about your monitor setup.


If you use TCP-ECV as in the article it should look something like this:


add lb monitor test_login_tcp TCP-ECV -send "GET /api/healthchek/node HTTP/1.1\r\nAuthorization: Basic bnNyb290OmNpdHJpeA=\r\nHost: RabitMQ-FQDN\r\n\r\n" -recv 200 -LRTM ENABLED


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7 hours ago, Martin Meier said:


Hi Martin,

since TCP-ECV didn't work initially I quickly switched to HTTP-ECV monitor.  Not sure if that was the problem but after modifying your example and binding TCP-ECV monitor to rabbitmq service the monitor came up.  Still need to test it thoroughly by putting rabbitmq into various states of failures but looks much better.  


Thanks a lot.




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