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[SOLVED]Citrix Gateway "Cannot complete your request" after upgrade to 13.0 79.64

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So... I upgraded Citrix ADC from a 13.0 build 67.39 to 13.0 build 79.64


All was working fine before, so I believe it's not a problem with settings.

Fact is, after the upgrade,  I get the infamous "Cannot complete your request" right after inserting the credentials.

Looking at the Authentication logs it does not show failures, the user authenticates successfully.


Searching around I found this https://www.ferroquesystems.com/resource/issue-cannot-complete-your-request-error-after-citrix-adc-13-0-b64-35-upgrade/

Which points to official: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/aaa-tm/single-sign-on-types/enable-sso-for-auth-pol.html#citrix-gateway-cases


Before I created the Traffic Policy, I searched for the SSO FAIL with grep -n "SSO FAIL" /var/log/ns.log* and zgrep -n "SSO FAIL" /var/log/ns.log*

No results came back but the problem was there.


So I created the policy and bound to the Gateway vserver.

Saved config and the problem is still there.


Is there any other knowledge about this?


Now, there is an important thing... Chrome, Edge and Firefox fail with "Cannot complete your request" however, somehow... Internet Explorer Works!


Update 1:
We opened a case, tech support. We were told to revert snapshot (yes it's a VPX) and upgrade to 71.44. We did it, but same problem occurs.




With the help of Citrix support problem was found out:

The Session policy had the expression "&& REQ.HTTP.HEADER Referer EXISTS"

Session policies were NOT being HIT at all leading to Cannot complete your request.

Removing the expression from the policy solved the problem.

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Problem Solved!
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