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Teams 'hidden channels' do not expand on Citrix



I have a bunch of Win10 MCS VDI machines running MS Teams machine-wide installer, and have recently started getting complaints from users that when in the 'Teams' function (as opposed to Chat, Calendar, etc) that any Hidden channels can no longer be expanded.   The same functionality works fine on the web client, on laptops, and on some other Citrix machines.    We have three machine catalogs where it's broken, and two where it works fine.   All five have separate master images.  The common factor seems to be that on the broken machines, they have Office365 installed, and on the working machines there is the full install of Office 2016 with KMS licensing.


Is anyone else seeing this, or have any tips to resolve?   We tried rolling the image back on some test machines to the pre-maintenance weekend image, where we updated both Office365 and Teams, but it's no better.

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14 hours ago, Fernando Klurfan1709153904 said:

Fix is now available in Ring 4 and GCC.

Please sign out / sign back into Teams.

No VDA or CWA update required.


Agreed - this is working again now.   Hopefully it's also now working for everyone else too, since it was widespread.


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6 minutes ago, Akshay Kotalwar said:

Did anyone reported this to MSFT?
More users are reporting this issue with Citrix. Is this being tracked at MSFT? if yes, can anyone get the users voice link or any tracking information please? Thanks.

Just came up as an issue for us today so I haven't logged a call yet. 


Has anyone else done so?

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We have it logged from a couple of days ago, and I just spoke to my colleague who logged it.   He says MS have confirmed it as an issue with multiple customers reporting it, and so it’s with them for resolution now.

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13 hours ago, Alexander Harb said:

Hi Michael, we have also the same issue with VDA 2003 and MS Teams Did someone fix it our find a workaround?


There's a workaround, yes - if you click on the 3 dots by the heading of a team containing hidden channels, you get a little menu.   Click on Manage Team, and then on the right you can see a list of members, and also another heading 'Channels', with the complete channels list.   The ones that are hidden are unchecked - put a tick in the box, and it will then appear unhidden on the left.

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