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Cant log into App Layering web interface


Last week I upgraded my appliance to 2104 and today I am having a problem logging into the appliance through the web. I get the error message saying "Cant reach the page". vSphere shows the CPU is maxed out. 

We can not restart the appliance from the vsphere console

I have been able to restart and shutdown through the putty session. Neither shutting down or restarting has helped.


I tried to restart the services

  • service httpd restart
  • service maservice restart


services could not be started due to lack of resources


I looked at the resources that was running and that is where I discovered the mono-sgen is taking up all the resources.


Killing that process did not help but there is something running that is stuck that does not restart on a system restart.


Any advice would be greatly accepted



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Chris, most processes on the ELM do not restart automatically, so killing it helps the ELM but doesn't make it work any better.  Run 'top -c', that shows the entire command line of each process, and in particular shows which of the four or so mono-based services on the ELM is actually having the problem.


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