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Printer Assignments Policy: printer settings gets overridden/modified and cannot be changed

Dawid Bbn


Hi guys,

Can someone please explain to me how I can to stop "Printer Assignments" Citrix Policy in Citrix Web Studio from modifying printer settings and e.g. setting paper size to Letter, instead of the default A4?

If I try to change this by removing all overrides (i.e. set all printer settings to "unmodified") in Web Studio, then all overrides comes back again after saving the Citrix Policy - very weird.

I don't see this problem when I use "Session printers" policy instead of "Printer Assignments". In this case, the printer settings are not overridden by this Citrix Policy and they stay the same as set on print server.

This problem does not appear in my on-prem 7.15 farm where "Printer Assignments" Policy (strangely) does overide printer settings in Citrix Studio but on clients users still get printer setting as set on print server (so the Letter paper size is not enforced).

Ideally, I would like to keep using "Printer Assignments" policy in Citrix Web Studio as it allows me to set default printers on clients within the same Citrix policy, without the need to have separate "Default printer" policy in place.

Thanks for your help!

See screenshots for details.
Printers are not redirected from clients just mapped in sessions from print servers.
I use "HP LaserJet A4/Letter PCL6 Class Driver" (V4/in-box) print driver on print server and VDAs.
Server 2019 VDA & Server 2012 as a print server.
VDAs v2012

2021-05-06 11_23_24.png

2021-05-06 11_23_49.png

2021-05-06 11_28_34 (on-prem).png

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