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Local printers brought through into Citrix session


Hi users have network printers mapped in their Citrix sessions.


We've setup a new environment but when users log on they also see the local printers on the endpoint and usually it is mapped to one from their session.


Ive deleted the local printers on the endpoint, but when the user logs on their default printer is called Citrix Printer.


How can I stop this so it doesnt pull through the local printers from our endpoints in the office?



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Hi Daniel,

You can do this by editing printer redirection settings in the Citrix policies.


You can set "auto create client printers" (enabled by default) to "Do not auto create client printers".


As for the 'Citrix Printer' entry, that is probably the display name of the automatic redirected printer universal driver.
Citrix utilizes a universal driver is quite some cases, and even though you deleted the local printers probably something along the lines of a 'pdf printer' was still left.
It should be gone upon disabling the client redirection as mentioned above :).

Kind Regards,

Mick Hilhorst

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