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Filter Client-Cert Authentication based on Expressions (Clientplugins)

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according to the latest workspace app feature matrix, User-Cert-Auth is only supported via browser:



Is there a way to filter user-cert-auth based on which client is trying to connect to my gateway? Examples:


- Browserway -> Check and search for compatible usercert, prefill username and present only Password

- Workspace App Windows / iOS -> Don't check for usercert and fallback to the MFA (Password and Token) nfactor way

- Gateway Plugin Windows / iOS -> Don't check for usercert and fallback to the MFA (Password and Token) nfactor way


As soon as I enable user-cert-auth and setting Client Authentication to "Optional" on my nfactor aaa and gatway vserver, I got problems connecting with all methods except the browser-way as there is always a certcheck which breaks the complete nfactor flow, in detail it breaks adding new accounts in workspace app and gateway plugin as these clients / apps forcing the clientcert-way which is absolutely incorrect. 

I tried to filter the usercert auth policy expressions like this:


but it looks like it's not hitting, correctly. I think the main problem is the way how netscaler is checking the "Optional" clientcert way:



Any ideas? Possible way to use listen policy on my gateway?


Thanks for your help

Best Regards




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