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Rename Delivery Group and Machine Katalog

Dennis Haschke


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Hi ,

You can rename the machine catalog and delivery group by following the below mentioned steps


Rename a catalog

Select Machine Catalogs in the Studio navigation pane.

Select a catalog and then select Rename Machine Catalog in the Actions pane.

Enter the new name.


Rename a delivery group

On the Delivery controller open PowerShell as an Administrator.

Run the following commands to get information on DesktopGroupUID

1. asnp Citrix*
The above command adds Citrix snapins required to pull information.

2. Get-BrokerDesktopGroup | Select Uid

3. Use the value shown under "Uid" column and replace it with ##

Set the 'Published Name' attribute for all machines in a delivery group to null using the following command,
Get-BrokerMachine -DesktopGroupUID ## | Set-BrokerMachine -PublishedName $Null

Now change the delivery group name using the following command,
Get-BrokerDesktopGroup -UID ## | Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -PublishedName "New Delivery Group Name"





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It is possible but when you create a Delivery Group, the Published Name property gets its initial value from the Delivery Group’s Name property. If you later rename the Delivery Group, the Published Name property’s value is not changed. Please check out the below article for all the details




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