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Windows Storage Spaces S2D (HVM) on Citrix Xen Server


Hi guys,


I'm trying deploying a Windows Storage Spaces 2019 on citrix xen server Xen 7.0/XCP 7.6 but no sucess.




I got this error below:


WARNING: SRVS2D01: 2021/04/26-20:25:38.646 Node SRVS2D01: No disks with supported bus types found to be used for S2D Enable-ClusterS2D : No disks with supported bus types found to be used for S2D. Run cluster validation, including the Storage Spaces Direct tests, to verify the configuration.









Is there any way to configure property HVM on Windows server to work with paravirtual iscsi on xenserver?


How enabling the Paravirtualization Kernel of an (HVM) Windows Virtual Machine?





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I have been wondering the same.


There's an increasing list of CVAD-related things that need highly available SMB storage (with persistent file handles) for VHD/VHDX files such as:

  • FSLogix profile containers
  • Citrix UPM Outlook containers
  • Citrix User Personalisation Layers
  • AppLayering User layers
  • AppLayering elastic app layers

How this storage is actually provided usually seems to be glossed over.  Our customers tend to use on-premises Citrix Hypervisor with LVMoHBA shared storage. I wanted to use Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct, but the PV drivers do not provide a suitable disk bus type so the validation tests fail and a cluster cannot be created (Disk bus type does not support clustering).


As the storage would not be used for absolutely critical data (it's not like I'm running VHDX-backed Hyper-V VMs from the storage), it would be good to be able to either force this to proceed or to get the PV drivers to claim they can provide data integrity they can't actually quite deliver. MS documentation on drives is here:



The alternative would be to do direct LUN passthrough (either HBA LUN or iSCSI) to the VM, but that does not appear to be supported in Citrix Hypervisor.


What other alternatives are there for on-prem and without HCI? I asked someone at Citrix who said "Unfortunately we have zero capacity to consider anything that isn’t deemed a Citrix business priority."

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