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Adding Citrix ADC 13 as Claims Provider Trust to ADFS 3.0

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Has anyone ever added a Citrix ADC acting as a SAML IDP to ADFS 3.0 as a Claims Provider Trust and can provide guidelines or references?  Goal:  Allow users to login to ADC and therefore make the used credentials available to other ADC-based resources without changing existing SAML ADFS integrations. I do not want to deploy Citrix's Federation product.   Example workflow:

1. Existing ADFS Relying Party Trusts defined.

2. Add ADC as a Claims Provider Trust (presumably by creating an ADC SAML IdP server?)

3. Set selected existing Relying Party Trusts to use Citrix as the default claims provider instead of ADFS.


Please read my question carefully.  The ADC will not be acting as the Service Provider nor will applications be configured directly to use Citrix as the IDP.  Thanks for any help.

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