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Citrix VPX 200 and Microsoft Azure MFA

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Hi, we have setup a Radius server and setup a virtual server.


We've tested a few users and when they login with their username they are prompted for their MFA token, they enter it and it works fine.


For one user, when they login with their username and password, it says incorrect username/password and fails, it doesn't prompt for their MFA token.


I've looked in Azure AD and they have MFA setup from what I can see the same as everyone else.


Is there something I have missed?



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You can view the aaad.debug output to see if there is something around the user name/group extraction or account details between radius/ldap that are different than expected.



cd /tmp

cat aaad.debug


This is a named pipe and you can output the events to screen or file if needed.

Observe the output during a bad authentication and use the info to see if there is a specific condition failing.

OR compare to a good user.


More than likely there is a property in the user account that is not conforming to the other configured users causing the issue. 



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