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Timeout on published desktop/application launch

Michele Rusconi




is there a way to prevent users from launching a published app or desktop until their session is completely closed?



1) "User1" is connected to a published desktop resource and his session is active.

2) "User1" logs off (sign out) and the Citrix Session window is closed, but his session on the delivery controller is still active (logoff process and profile sync)

3) "User1" tries to relaunch his published desktop before the last session is completely closed and some issues come up with his FSlogix profile.


How can I prevent "User1" from launching the resource until the first session is closed, so as not to run into issues with his profile?


Many thanks



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Citrix Support states that it's the default behavior and cannot be changed:

"Session sends a pre-logoff notification which prevents the session being reconnected while the profile is saved, then finally the session logs off, then the problem is that we ignore sessions in the process of being logged off when finding a VDA to launch/reconnect a session. Presumably in this case the new session on a different VDA doesn’t login properly because the profile is still being saved from the original VDA.
We ignore sessions in the process of being logged off because in general it would be annoying to have a session launch fail simply because another session that you just logged off hasn’t quite finished its logoff processing yet. This logic isn’t configurable. "


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