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In Netscaler, can IP addresses be configured to target a certain route before hitting the web?

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  1. Within Netscaler, is there a way to view/configure an incoming IP traffic to travel through a certain route/system, before hitting the web?
  2. Besides the web browser's Internet Option Security LAN setting, is there another way to program the servers(configure proxy settings) to traverse through a specific route?

My current server's setup to access the internet is, Source Server --> Netscaler --> Security System -- > Internet.


Via Netscaler, I was able to capture live IP traffics traversing from Netscaler to the Security System. I need the same traffic to reroute to a different Security System. Upon reviewing the Source Server's LAN settings, the proxy settings have NOT been configured to direct to the current Security system.


I've combed through the Source Servers for any files that might be hardcoded pointing to the current Security System, but nothing. Thus, making me think if Netscaler has some features to direct IP traffics to specific route.


Pardon my novice question as I am new to Netscaler, and still in the midst of learning this system. Any hints or right direction would be appreciated.

Thank You

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Hey Chad,

                  I found that the proxy settings from the source IPs were embedded within the OS. Thus, I will have to think a new strategy.


I'll look into the SNIP and hope I can work my way through. 


Much appreciated. 

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