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LDAP Authentication Server "Valid Credentials are not provided"

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I am attempting to add a new LDAP Authentication Server on version 13.0 79.64 and am continually receiving the below error.


Server 'X.X.X.X' is reachable.
port '636/tcp' is open.
'X.X.X.X' is a valid LDAP server.
Valid Credentials are not provided.


I know that the server is reachable and the credentials that are supplied are correct.  But the error remains....

Furthermore if I put the Administrator Bind DN* in as DOMAIN\USERNAME or as a Distinguished Name I get the below results...


Error: Arguements failed input validation.


I have set these up in the past and even the current LDAP servers that are currently configured are failing validation tests....

What could be wrong here?


Thanks in Advance!

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username should be an LDAP string or upn format: user@domain.com for bind dn.


There might be an issue with the "test" utility in the GUI. (There's a note on the forum about this and if I can find the version affected I'll post back.)

Try doing an actual bind event and viewing results in the aaa.debug.

Double check:

base dn, bind dn, and bind password.

Depending on whether you are using NSIP or SNIP to reach ldap destination be sure proper network details can be used (but given your message this is not the problem)

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After some additional searching I am thinking that it is a bug as well...


I found this link that says that they had Citrix Tech Support have them roll the NetScaler back.



This was happening on the last 2 revisions of NS firmware.  I originally upgraded when the version was rebadged.  Then to the latest 13.0 79.64

I rolled my NetScaler back and works perfectly now.


Do you know if there is any type of bug tracking or reporting for this currently?


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FYI: I opened a support ticket in Mar/Apr 2021 and support confirmed that 13.71.44 is the latest working version. Any other newer version through 13.0 82.45 (I tested it today_Aug 06, 2021) does not work - LDAP auth issue still exists.

Error: "Server '' is reachable. port '389/tcp' is open. '' is a valid LDAP server. Valid Credentials are not provided."

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