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Multiple copies of access databases on VDI w/ O365

Stephen D. Holder




I’m working with a user who is trying to use an access database file to open access (much like one would use a .docx file to open Word.) This db file has been in operation for quite some time at this particular organization. User is on a pooled desktop, 7.15 CU2.


The org has recently upgraded to Office 365, and now when the user opens the db file, the db does open access properly the first time, but when closed, a the access program stays stuck in the task manager. If the user clicks on another access DB file, another instance will appear in task manager, but nothing is displayed in the Windows 10 GUI. We’ve seen up to six (6) copies of access running in the task manager. User would have to go and manually open up the access program to get it to display. The only way clicking on the db file will get access to open properly is to manually go into task manager and end the task of all the copies of access running in the background and then click on the db file again.


User indicates this never happened in Office 2016, but of course with O365 we have the shared computer activation and things of that nature. User has a dedicated device outside of Citrix and the behavior works as expected. The version of O365 on Citrix and users' external device are different. I am unsure of the age of this access db but user indicates it’s been around for ‘a while’ (~20 years.)


Looking to see if anyone has come across this and things to look for or to check.


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