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Intermittently 500 service unavailable error message using Citrix CVAD API app.cloud.com

Agam Mishra


 CVAD APIs are not reliable, they sometimes fail with 500 internal server error thus causing our business to fail as well. Can we get these issues sorted out?


For some period of time it is quite frequent to get errors. 


API call for '/cvadapis/4fa9bee5-1702-4e62-b656-264856dbb395/Sessions/$search'

Returned “503 Service Unavailable” with the content:



        <title> Server Error </title>



        <font color =\"#aa0000\">

            <h2>Server Error.</h2>



        There was an unexpected error in the request processing.



This occurred twice on April 23rd between 1:19pm and 1:21pm CET time.


Also kindly let us know when to use   api.cloud.com, or api-us.cloud.com, or another domain?

From Citrix doc it says api.cloud.com but this wasn’t reliable at the beginning thus we used api-us.cloud.com. Now we would like to know if this is a wise choice given that our infra is in Europe?



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