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Is it possible to add a timestamp to snapshots created in Citrix Studio for MCS?


Working with Citrix Studio and MCS (from Citrix 7.15.5000.855)  for building xenapp servers and I would like to add a timestamp to the snapshot name when I create a snapshot using MCS. Right now I can't see when a snapshot was created unless I open vcenter and check there. Is this possible? I have read that creating the snapshots in studio is not Citrix best policy.


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Agreed.  Just create the snapshot from within VMware and you can call it what you like, and also give it a useful description like 'Office365 updated' or whatever.


You can also then go back and clear out the old ones, so you don't have dozens of outdated snapshots that are no longer required - this will keep your VMware admins happier as well.

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