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Netscaler AMD Epyc Support

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Any one have any idea if AMD Epyc is to be supported at any point for Netscaler ADC VPX on ESXi? It seems if the appliance was initially installed pre 12.1 and upgraded it still seems to run on an Epyc host. If you try to deploy a new install of 12.1 or 13 you get random process crashes/core dumps (bash, sshd etc). It is disappointing to find there is no AMD Epyc support.


Also unsure where this leaves existing VPX appliances that were installed on earlier versions that seem to be running, does this mean they are now effectively unsupported?


I have raised a case with support but so far not come up with much, I have only just narrowed down the issue being related to the Epyc CPUs.

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AMD is not supported  (https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX240007 ) in any way, the only way to get it changed is enough customers give feedback through their local SE, so Citrix will see there is a need for AMD, and hopefully if the customer base becomes big enough, it will allow for the developer money to spent for making AMD supported.


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