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Citrix ADC/Netscaler WAF an option to increase the learning database to more than 20 MB ?


As I understand if the learning limit is reached I will get an alarm in the /var/nslog/aslearn.log and I have to review the existing learned rules and relaxations or reset the learning data (basically reseting/clearing the learning database for the  profile) with rm appfw learningdata.









Is there an option or global variable to increase the learning database to more than 20 MB ?

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Hi Johannes,


Are you sure about the per vServer? Because the current 13.1 documentation and as well the 13.0 mentiones only per Security Check.


I'll have an upcoming project and the customer probably will only use 1 vServer which would make the learning quite hard if it's per vServer. Behind that 1 vServer there are probably 40 web apps, I won't do learning for all at once but having it only per vServer could still be a PITA...





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