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Process launch delay on VDAs

Jacques Bensimon


Odd issue crops up occasionally in two different CVAD environments:  all process launches on some XenApp VDA desktops, regardless of parent process (Explorer, CMD, ...), are suddenly delayed by a fixed number of seconds (5 seconds in one environment, ~7.2 seconds in the other).  Once running, processes appear to behave normally with no other perceptible delays (unless they launch other processes).  The only commonalities between the two environments and VDA images are:  1/VDA, of course, 2/ Windows Server 2016, 3/ FSLogix profiles, and 4/ Nutanix AHV VMs on Nutanix hardware -- no other common applications or components, including antivirus and other security software, monitoring agents, etc.


Given that apps behave essentially normally once launched (after the fixed delay), this issue is most perceptible during logons, which become long multi-minute affairs given the large number of processes being started as part of logon, including logon scripts, etc.  The only remedy found to date once a server enters this state is a reboot.  Process Monitor shows only typical background system activity during the delay, after which the "Create Process" operation is seen and the launched app starts normally.


Have you experienced this?  Thoughts?





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Final update (hopefully): the latest GA release of FsLogix Apps appears to have resolved the matter (which by now had surfaced in three distinct XA environments of which I'm aware), although no mention of such an issue having been addressed appears in its release notes. The MS support case never went anywhere, just the usual wild goose chases.

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On 5/2/2021 at 5:51 PM, Patrick Matula said:

No experience with that. Maybe you should capture a windows performance trace (with windows performance recorder) and analyze it with windows performance analyzer? 




Microsoft has had the WPR captures in their hands for about 2 weeks, but other than their daily bs assurances that the "debugging team" is still looking at them, they've not yet come back with any conclusions.



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An update:  the issue is almost certainly caused by FSLogix, as we've now determined (following an update to the latest FSLogix Apps GA release) that restarting the main FSLogix service resolves the issue once it occurs (at least temporarily) --  process launches no longer exhibit any delay once the service is restarted, which wasn't the case prior to the FSLogix update.  The Microsoft FSLogix people are allegedly now involved in the case -- we shall see.



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