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UPM AppData/Roaming question

Chris Gundry




Wondering if someone can refresh me on something as I am not a full time Citrix admin and I can't seem to confirm the answer anywhere...?


We have folder redirection setup for My Docs, Desktop etc., but NOT AppData. We have UPM setup ('Enable Profile Management' and configured the share location). This is working and profiles are being stored there, generally with no issues. We have various exclusions setup to keep bloat down etc. All good...


The question I had today from another admin was should AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures be syncing to UPM, so will an Outlook signature that has been added be saved. I said yes, because I thought that was the answer. Turns out it IS syncing, and the users signatures are syncing correctly, great, I was right. They asked WHY is it synced, they can't see an option in the Citrix GPO to say that folder location is synced... They are right, there isn't one listed for AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Signatures.


Having more time to review the configuration, I can't confirm 100% why it is syncing, I can't find any reference material to confirm what I think is the case. I thought that everything in AppData and generally within the user profile was synced to UPM, unless:

  • It is AppData/Local and not specifically included by a policy entry
  • It was redirected outside of UPM by the usual MS GPO settings
  • It was excluded by a Citrix UPM folder/file exclusion


Is that correct? I just wanted to confirm, because AppData/Roaming is not listed as a folder to sync in the policy, I guess it is just done automatically when you 'Enable Profile Management'. If so, then that is the answer, great.


But if that is the case then I am confused as to why we have added a folder sync setting for a couple of folders under /Roaming/Microsoft/xxx, specifically:




We have not excluded /Roaming/Microsoft/ from UPM and /Roaming/Microsoft/Signatures is syncing correctly, so I can't see any reason why we would have added those two in specifically as folders to sync... Perhaps just an oversight as I can see them in the mirror list and I can see various white papers suggesting that they should be on the mirror list, so perhaps they shouldn't be on the folder sync list, just the mirror list?


Many thanks!

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There are essentially no default exclusions with UPM, so the only reasons for a given folder to be listed in an inclusion policy entry are 1/ it's a subfolder of something that is being excluded (by another policy setting), or 2/ the folder needs to be mirrored rather than synced, so it appears in the list of folders to be mirrored.



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By default everything in the users profile is included. 



But for some files need to be handled otherwise as the default UPM setting works and then you can add them to the Synchronization list.

Your folders are mentioned here: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX213190


Regards, Sjoerd

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