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Remote window hangs after a few seconds (before I see the remote desktop)

Levi Wallach


I got a new Windows 10 laptop and installed Citrix workspace on it a couple of weeks ago ( I downloaded it at that time).  I was able to connect to my remote desktops for a week or so, but as of a few days ago one of them started hanging on the blue welcome screen before it actually showed me the desktop.  The other remote desktop worked fine a few days ago but today I am having the same issue on that one.  I've tried it with my old Windows 10 laptop and both these desktops come up without issue.  I'm not sure how to find the version for that one, but it's I'm sure an older version that what I have on the new laptop, which I believe is the latest version.  Regardless, this version was running just fine until a few days ago.  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but that didn't fix it.  Not sure what else to do to get it working again. Note that I just have the workspace app, not Citrix Receiver.

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Well, after troubleshooting this a bunch with our support people, it seems like this was not really the session crashing, but rather my display freezing.  If I pushed it to full-screen, I was able to see the desktop.  For whatever reason my graphics card was simply freezing the display while things were loaded, and I had to refresh it by manually changing the display type.

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