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assignment for a printer which is used in another virtual desktop

Tobias Berndes



We are running Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1912 LTSR CU2 and i have the following problem within the WEM, where i didn't find a solution yet.


We are running multiple non-persistent Desktops and in the WEM we have added some printers which are assigned by the Action Assignment of the respective AD-Group in the WEM console.

The Problem is, we have lots of users who are working within the same single virtual desktop and we also have a few users who are working within multipe virtual desktops.


In our Citrix environment each delivery group has its own AD-Group. 

A user who uses multiple virtual desktops has been assigned the same printer multiple times (as you can see in the Modeling Wizard), because he is a member of multiple AD groups and therefore is assigned the same resource multiple times. Actually, this is not a problem i guess -  as long as the printer is used in each virtual desktop. However, there is now a printer that is needed in one virtual desktop and not in the other. So the subsequent installation prompt of the driver at each new login is very annoying.
In general, this kind of permission concept could probably be optimized, right? What could i do to perform this concept correctly?

So the sum up, a user of multiple virtual desktops was assigned a printer on a virtual desktop which was assigned from another AD-Group of another delivery group, because he or she only needs the printer in the other virtual desktop.

Actually i expected, that Citrix recognizes that the printer was not assigned in the respective AD-Group within the WEM so that he or she is not assigned a printer from another delivery group.

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