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Build to lossless: still recommended?

MArkus Wehr




currently we are not using any graphics or visual policy with good success. (No GPU).
We now  plan to deploy Server 2019 Desktops (GPU) for 3D/CAD Workload.


Is the use of "build to lossless" still recommended?



Using CVAD 2103 Recent Workspace App. Citrix HV, Nvidia Tesla T4, Server 2019 I could not find any working configuration with the "build to lossless" policy.


As soon it is enabled the sessions UI will be completely unusable. Sometime the left mouse button seems to not react at all. Splash Screens during login are omitted.


Or could it be some underlying flaw in our setup?

Other settings work well except "actively changing regions" which seems to be related to sudden connection loss in rare cases.


best regards


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