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Upgrade catalogs fails without details


Upgrading machine Catalag (MCS) seems to finish successful. Servers are rebooted at night with a reboot script what always runs successful. Studio shows correct image already (which should be used) after upgrading the catalog. Test catalog went fine with immediate reboot. Production failed, servers were not rebooted and all servers were unregistered in studio. Manual reboot of the servers did not solve the issue, we had to re-upgrade the catalog with immediate reboot to solve the issue.


We can see in logs that the catalog update should be successful but somehow it does not come through. Reboot fails without specific reason, something we experienced on other times also when updating a catalog.


Anyone experienced this also? Eventviewers does not show information enough to come to the root cause. 


CVAD 7 1912 LTSR CU2


VDA 1912 - FL 1811

Windows server 2016

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What happens if you use Studio to schedule a reboot?   The actual machine update only occurs when Citrix itself initiates the reboot, so if you are (for example) running shutdown.exe to do it from a batch file, then the update won't happen.   I suspect the scheduled reboot script isn't actually working as well as expected, despite reporting success, and that's why your machines aren't updating.

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