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Delivering O365 Services in Citrix XenApp - Stabilty



Hi all, I have done a POC of MS Teams and Outlook accessing Exchange Online using XenApp 1912 LTSR using FsLogix and MS Teams Optimization. The user feedback was mixed and the stability of the platform was questioned. Some of the feedback was:


  • Often disk space issues with Fslogix containers and Outlook in cached mode
  • MS Teams performance very variable. Seems dependant on workspace app being stable
  • Compute within session host hard to manage when multiple MS Teams users doing audio/video


VDI faired better but bigger costs etc. to us. Wondering what the general experience is out there with delivering this through XenApp published apps?

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I have lost count of how many deployments i have done over the years - my two cents below

  1. Outlook/Office 365 services for the most part are fine, FSLogix is the magic beans, documentation all over the web to help - rock solid if you design it properly
  2. Teams is a headache in ANY remoting platform. It is the best audio/video wise with Citrix optimization, but the loss of features and general pain of management are not great - set expectations early, if teams is already out in the wild, then good luck bringing it back to the optimized "architecture" - once users have the features they like, taking them away goes down like a lead balloon
  3. Your mileage will vary in each and every project 
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here we go https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/multimedia/opt-ms-teams.html#known-limitations 


This document as a whole is well maintained, it will take you through most things of use



It's very hard to trace when things aren't playing nicely, i have some very happy customers, and then some not so happy ones - Citrix are pretty invested in making it work though, so if you have narky problems, support may be able to assist

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Thanks for the information James. What features do we loose in MS Teams with the integration? We are already running into the usual 'performance is poor where do we look' problems even though we are using the optimized architecture and are already having to keep the workspace app up to date each release. That's for external/remote users. On the LAN perf seems decent.

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