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Question to ROK licenses for a XenDesktop MCS deployment



In this moment my company adquired for a VMWare hosts the Microsoft ROK licenses.


We want to deploy Application servers through MCS, which does not allow me to use ROK licensing, because XenDesktop Support only Microsoft KMS and MAK Activation with Machine Creation Services, I read any adicional documentation what explain a process to use but I haver more dubts and is more confused.


What is the correct process to deploy with MCS the Microsoft ROK licenses, becasuse this CTX is not more clear: CTX128580 and CTX217456, and is possible rearm the license if your deployed the image usign the CTX217456 this process is possible add the rearm in to the image? because I not have idea if the rearm process add the same identified process to all VMs deployed with this process.


Thank you!!!



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I don't believe there is a 'correct' process to use MCS with ROK licenses, which are for hardware sales such as buying a server from somewhere like Dell or HP.


As per CTX128580, only KMS licensing is supported so you need to buy that kind of license.   Even if there was a technical process by which it could be done, you would almost certainly be in breach of the ROK licensing terms anyway.

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