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dual ip for MCS clone vm's

Arun Kumar K R


Hi All,


Master/Golden image is running on Windows 2012 / Windows 2016 servers, VDA version 7.15 LTSR CU5 and Static IP assigned to it. We have deployed clone machines using this Master image. Servers were working fine from past 2years and DHCP has 30% free IP's available in the same VLAN. Suddenly from past 1 month Clone servers started getting dual IP's - 1 IP same as Master (Master and Clones get same IP address) and other one is APIPA IP on updating Machine Catalogs, both clone and Master has different MAC addresses. I logged into clone machine using local admin and noticed the NIC settings are same as Master (Static IP), if i change the NIC setting to Dynamic, clone server started working normally until it is rebooted. The only changes made on the Master server was installing MS security Patches. It is not related to OS specific as the same issue noticed on both Windows 2012 and 2016, not related to DHCP as issue noticed in multiple DHCP VLAN's. 


1. Is there any article / recommendation like Master server should have DHCP alone enabled IP.

2. Is there any Microsoft patch which links to this issue.

3. We tried to remove the NIC card from clone machine and add new NIC from same DHCP but the same issue.

4. Created new Master image (with Static IP) and deployed new Clone servers, same issue. 


Anyone please guide me on this please.

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You need to have DHCP enabled on all the network cards that are used in the Master image:



Enable DHCP. Enabling DHCP ensures that provisioned machines don’t cause IP address conflicts. DHCP is enabled on all network cards.


If your master images needs to have the same IP address every time you start it, make a DHCP reservation. 





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