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Firefox stopped working after workplace app installation

Thomas Hill1709162683



I downloaded the workplace app for Linux, specifically the Debian package 'icaclient_21.1.0.14_amd64deb' and installed it into a working Ubuntu 20.04LTS with Firefox 87.0 (64 bit). The installation completed successfully and the Citrix icon shows as an installed application. Problem: After the installation of the icaclient Firefox has stopped working, i.e. entering a URL into the address bar and hitting <Enter> => nothing happens (my Thunderbird still has access to the internet though), trying to look at the Firefox settings like e.g. at the installed add-ons also leaves the screen empty, i.e. nothing coming up....

I have removed and reinstalled Firefox, but the problem still exists even after that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I have exactly the same problem with Ubuntu 20.04 and firefox 88.0.1. When I install the Debian package 'icaclient_21.4.0.11_amd64.deb' firefox can no longer open any page, but opera still works normally. When I remove the icaclient package, firefox works immediately (no need to close and restart firefox).

Any idea of what is causing this problem?



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Same issue here. Ran firefox from command line and when closing it got lots of:

[Parent 6863, IPC I/O Parent] WARNING: FileDescriptorSet destroyed with unconsumed descriptors: file /build/firefox-UJSM5i/firefox-88.0.1+build1/ipc/chromium/src/chrome/common/file_descriptor_set_posix.cc:19

Quickly uninstalled icaclient and Firefox behaved normally again

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I suggest the following test: try to manually start wfica.sh (it should be available somewhere below /opt/Citrix/ICAClient, probably ) from a terminal . On my systems ( which run a different distro though so I might have a different issue ) it failed due to being compiled against a newer stdlibc++ than the one available in the distro.

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I had the same problem.


It is related to the experimatal feature app protection from the workspace app. I found the solution after some searching in this forum post.


You can solve the problem following these steps:

  1. Unistall icaclient
  2. Reinstall the client WITHOUT the app protection feature


There seems to be no way to disable the feature after installation. When installing the package your package manager should prompt you to install the app protection feature or not. 


I'm using Linux Mint. On my first installation I used the GUI and a dialog box showed up with no text requesting a yes or no decission. So selection "yes" seemed to be the only sensible solution, right?


Anyhow, when reinstalling the package via command line a differend, text-based GUI popped up displaying a detailed description about the installation choice. Just deny the installation of the  app protection feature. After that Firefox worked fine for me.



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