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ADC 13 authentication dialogue

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We are working on an on-premise migration of from ADC 11 to ADC 13. We are building a new ADC 13 and migrating the gateway VIPs, LB VIPs and all other configurations one at a time. While creating the new VIPs on 13 we are running into an issue where the only form of authentication that we can use is n-factor with a Duo Authentication Proxy Radius deployment. Everything is working except that on the old 11 deployment we have a classic dialogue box that comes up and stores the username for the end point.



On the ADC 13 it is bringing up a web interface that does not allow for storing of the usernames.


We have several thousand users that are accustomed to the interface that the ADC 11 has and if we are forced to have the users input their username every time this will cause a major change in how they work. While this may seem like a minor inconvenience, the users will not see it as we do and it will cause a lot of support calls to come in to our help desk. I have been working with Citrix Support and they are stating that there is no way around this.


Has anyone come across this and if so what has been your work-around/solution?

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This is for the VPN or ICA connection?



Is it possible that for the newer versions the timeout options have changed? You can check this:








Also check if "Client Machine Clean Up" or "vpn parameter -forcecleanup" is not anabled by default in the newer version.




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