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How to send JWT token to backend server that doesn't use OAuth, after successful AAA login

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Hello all,


i have LB vServer with AAA Login.

The Backend server, in this LB vServer, need to authenticate users with a JWT Token.

The Backend server don't use OAuth.

The AAA login server use ONLY LDAP Auth.

I need to send Username throught JWT Token to Backend Server, after user successfull logon on AAA Server.


Is this possibile?




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Sorry for late answer. You can with an rewrite action insert HTTP header, choose a name for the header and insert this as expression:


Bind the policy in request to pass to backend server.


You will need to authenticate with oauth to create the JWT token.


If you follow this guide: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX234873/how-to-deploy-netscaler-as-both-oauth-sp-and-idp

you can login with ldap at your idp aaa vserver. 


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