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Launching URL from Client Desktop

Liju Paul



 New to the forum and I am not sure whether I am posting to the right group. Let me know if any one of the Citrix Expert can help me here.


Here is the scenario - : I am working for Company A. Company A is connected to Company B via VPN IpSec. We have Company B published a Web Application on their Citrix Store Front for Company A's use. As an Employee of Company A, I connect to the Citrix Storefront and then see the Application Icon published in the storefront (of Company B). After I log in to Company B's Citrix Store front, I launch the Web Application (say WebApp1) and the application is launched using Internet Explorer (IE11 to be exact). I use Chrome in Company A. So, now I have the IE11 browser on my desktop with the application running. I can also see the connection under Citrix Receiver for this application. Now, here is my question. How can I launch a NEW Web Page on this IE11 browser (which is running on Company B's Citrix session) locally from Company A's desktop using a Script (like Java script or Power shell etc). We have a use case for our End Users in Company A to automatically load a Web Page of the Web Application based on some parameters I will pass. How do I specifically say, go an launch the URL in the Citrix session instead of it looking for in my Company A's network. Let me know if it make sense. I have searched the forums and was not able to find an answer. Thanks in advance. I am also attaching the WebApp's ICA file if that helps


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