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Troubleshooting Mapped SharePoint Mapped

Chris Kirwan




I have setup a Mapped drive to a SharePoint online site. I am seeing some differences in behaviour between Citrix Published apps and published desktops. I have mapped a drive to a SharePoint online site. This has been done through the "Map Network Drive" option using the "Connect a web site that you can use to store you documents and pictures". We have the WebDav Feature installed on the server and the correct site to zone assignments. When we carry out the tests in a Citrix published desktop, the below work fine. However, on a published application using the same session host we have are getting errors.


We are running Windows Server 2016, Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1912 LTSR


We face two issues when using published apps.

1) We are unable to open PDFs using any PDF viewer. We get an error saying "The URL you have provided could not be reached. Please verify that the URL is correct, and the network location is reachable.image.thumb.png.e96b2becd48a304aa832733b9db6f97a.png

2) When we try and copy a file from a Mapped Sharepoint drive another network share, we receive an error saying, "Can't read from the source file or disk".




I have had a look online and have been unable to see anyone who has this issue. I am struggling to understand why published apps and desktops are working differently.


Many Thanks,


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If a user logs into a desktop and then later runs only the app, does it work? I'm assuming the same user profile is used for both. If so, then you might have to add "runonce.exe /AlternateShellStartup" to a logon script.


If it only works in the desktop, then some apps require functionality that is only available when explorer.exe is running, which doesn't happen in published apps.

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Hi Carl,


Many thanks for coming back to me on this call. Sorry for the slow reply. I have been testing this between things over the past few days.


The user profile is the same for both the Desktop and published app. 


I have tested the logon script, but this doesn't make any difference. I can see it's working, as MS Teams launches as a published app now upon login. I have deleted my test accounts profiles and recreated these through a published desktop, and then tested it as the app. Published Application Fails to Launch Outside of Desktop Session (citrix.com)




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