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Migrate profile OS version and move to new store


Hi there

I'm looking for a way to accomplish the following task

Old Profile Dirfor Win2012R2: ...\TSProfileXA7$\#SamAccountName#.!ctx_osname!\ -> Testuser.Win2012R2

New profile Dir for Win2019: ...\TSProfileXA2019$\#SamAccountName#.!ctx_osname!\ ->Testuser.Win2019


'Migrate User Store'  ist set to ...\TSProfileXA7$\#SamAccountName#.!ctx_osname!\

'Path To Userstore' is set to : ...\TSProfileXA2019$\#SamAccountName#.!ctx_osname!\

'Migration of existing profile' is set to: Local & Roaming

'Automatic migration of existing application profile' is set to: Enabled


The idea is to migrate old profiles from Win2012R2 to Win2019 AND move them to a new store in the same step


Migration to Win2019 works fine if I don't enable 'Migrate User Store'


When I enable 'Migrate User Store', UPM looks for a Win2019 profile in the old Store, which doesn't exist. So a new profile in the new store is created


Is it possible to do both task in one step?


Thanks a lot

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