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Slow logon since activating Outlook search

Nils Johansson



We have an test environment were we have enabled Outlook search in Citrix Profile Management GPO and these users have a very long login time.

It's a long gap between "GetUserStorePath: ParentVhdFolder: Path Out: \\rjhpcupm\win2016$\userstore"

and; CRegistryHive::Unload: Unloaded registry hive <S-1-5-21-1458514816-1055937895-1845911597-1864>.


2021-04-15;07:55:51.182;INFORMATION;Domain;user;2;4692;GetUserStorePath: ParentVhdFolder: Path Out: \\server\adminshare$\userstore
2021-04-15;07:56:17.213;INFORMATION;Domain;user;2;4692;CRegistryHive::Unload: Unloaded registry hive <SID>.
2021-04-15;07:56:17.213;INFORMATION;Domain;user;2;4692;DispatchLogonLogoff: Updated Group Policy Extension history for <SID>
2021-04-15;07:56:17.213;INFORMATION;Domain;user;2;4692;DispatchLogonLogoff: ---------- Finished logon processing successfully in [s]: <53.25>.

What can cause this, does anyone have an solution?

Kind regards,


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On 4/16/2021 at 12:11 PM, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

In your Citrix Profile Management GPO, when do you have configured in the Log Settings setting? Is Logon checked?


Yes, logon is checked.

Common warnings/informations

File system actions



Personalized user information


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