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Is it possible to set a user profile to use %temp% so that the app they are using doesn't use the server temp file

John Sykes


We have an App that uses C:\Temp on the Citrix server when launching but we need the user profile to have a separate Temp file so that when merging documents it uses the Temp folder.  at the moment all users are still using the same C:\temp folder on the server and this causes clashes when multiple users create documents at the same time?


We only launch Apps from Citrix and not a desktop.

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1 hour ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

By default, RDSH sets the %temp% variable to a different path for each user. Maybe your app is not using the %temp% variable? If you can figure out where the app sets the path to C:\Temp, you could write a logon script to change the path for each user. Or maybe change it globally to %temp%.

We have tried to do this on Citrix with no success, should this be done on the AD logon script and then will it follow through into Citrix?  we are thinking along the lines of Subst Q: %Temp% to be put into the logon script?

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