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HealthMonitoring:System Memory Usage Alarm

Onur Demir

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I recently setup the mail notification on our SDX appliance. Every day, we are receiving the e-mail below;



Time: Apr 11 2021 13:10:12 GMT
Category: HealthMonitoring
Severity: Clear
Information: Memory Usage Normal: 71.72%
Action: No Action Required.


When I check the event detail, the relevant SDX indeed having some issues about the memory usage.




However there is no problem or whatsoever about the SDX or VPXs on it. 


Could you please explain me why I'm getting this error, how can I checked the details and solve it? And why I'm only receiving the mail when the severity level cleared instead of critical?


Thanks in advance, YOU ARE THE BEST !

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Do you have a lot of health monitors on the VPX devices or custom health monitors? Maybe you have too many health monitors that in many cases may cause memory or CPU leakage.






Just in case follow this to check everythig on the SDX:





Check the Xen server memory:











Check memory on each VPX and also the RAM memory. If there is a process that is with high memory/RAM maybe it will be the one related to the healrh monitoring probes but Citrix does not have good documentation about whivh process is for health monitoring.









Just in case you may also use the Unix/LINUX "top" command on each but it may not show much info (mind that the ncore NSPPE process will almost always have 100% CPU and this is normal):






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