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Upgrade a Clustered Pool

Stefan Grenliden




We have an environment with Primera that is connected to a Synergy Chassi with Fibrechannel.

For the moment we are using XEN Hypervisor 8.0 but want to upgrade to 8.2


We are using a GFS2 Thin Provisioned Volume and because of that we must use Clustered Pool.

I am affraid that to be able to upgrade a clustered pool we must break the cluster and then upgrade.

Mening we must shutdown all VM's and no user should be able to work.

I have searched for a document that describes the update procedure for clustered pools but I cant find anything.


Have anybody here have any information about the upgrade procedure or know where to find a article?


I also have a lot of other questions regarding this:

Is there a better solution to share storage from Primera to synergy over fible channel so we dont have to use cluster?

If not is there any way of changing the fensing threshold for overcomitting the storage?

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There is no need to "break" the cluster to apply the update. Just run the update process from XenCenter and the hosts will update and reboot in sequence. As you are using GFS2 on 8.0 you should prioritise getting upgraded as there are a number of fixed issues in the GFS2 kernel driver.

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