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Andrew Johansen


Thanks for your time. I'm a 26 year old soon-to-be first time business owner and I don't know the first thing about Networking and Security but obviously it's important.


I understand that Citrix is a market leader when it comes to this but I'm wondering if it's overkill for my situation.


I've attached a .docx file that outlines what I'm trying to achieve.


Are there any people I could talk to about this sort of stuff? I figured I'd try these forums to find someone or perhaps one of you can refer me to a company/individual?


I'm sure a lot of you are business owners yourself and can understand how hard it is to find help when you're starting out. It's been really difficult for me. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Of course I will pay for the experience, advice and guidance.


Hope to hear from some of you guys.




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Hello Andrew

Thanks for the question. Naturally, there are a wide range of options to solve for your basic requirements. For people that have not looked at your Goals, they are:

1. Allow remote working in a secure way.

2. Simple processes and procedures that allow the operation from anywhere.

3. less costly than it needs to be - cost effective.


You have a few risks too:

1. Malware/Ransomware/ Virus 

2. Data management from device loss

3. social media access is controlled. 



disjointed apps and access

onboarding is really painful


I thought your question was a good one on a number of fronts, as it made me think what is it that you would need at the core of any solution in order to have a better approach without spending big. Citrix Virtualization is good as it allows remote access for your data and apps and nothing really leaves the data centre.  Large and small businesses love it for that reason. Then again, a business tends to have something else that I don't believe that you have, a user directory of some sort. The directory is good as it allows you to give accounts to workers, you can then have your workers sign into a portal and get access to apps and data from one place. This single portal approach would allow for some quick onboarding and also quick offboarding. Citrix has a product that would provide a single portal, this could be tied to pretty much any directory and would offer application access to web apps, saas apps and pretty much anything else. Microsoft AD is really popular and has been replaced by Azure AD, naturally other directories are available.

The question of data storage is pretty key and how this ties back to the user account, once you have that defined you could put together something  that addresses most of what you were looking for.


Its the sort of thing that doesn't lend itself to be designed over this forum chat. I'm not sure if that really helps. Citrix and other vendors tend to sell via a channel partner, finding a good partner to work with could be a good way to get some help.   


kind regards



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