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Why is Citrix getting monitor DPI status constantly?

Lauri Ahonen


If you have DebugView (  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/debugview  )open, your logs are absolutely filled with


[33916] GetOSAppliedScaleFactor: Set Thread DpiAwarenessContext from 0x80006010 to DPI_AWARENESS_CONTEXT_PER_MONITOR_AWARE (0xFFFFFFFD) and get DPI for monitor
[33916] _Eng_GetMonitorLayout: query = 4 wndstyle = 1342177280, DesiredWinType = 0, g_hWndOuter is SET

It makes the logs very frustrating to follow, and probably isn't too good for performance that the DPI gets checked every three seconds.

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