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Vmware Tools stopped running after upgrade from Citrix 8.0 to Citrix 8.2

Lucian Rupa




I have an issue with vmware-tools after the upgrade of Citrix 8.0 to Citrix 8.2.


This is installed on vCenter VM which have :

ESXi 6.7 and later (VM version 14)

- VMware Tools: Version10359 (10.3.23)


In previous version of citrix 8.0, this was running all fine, but after upgrade to 8.2 , vmtoolsd stopped running and cannot be started anymore.


Is there any known issue about this, compatibility with the current ESXi version or vmware tools?


Thanks in advance.

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It has, because in version 8.0 it worked and now after the upgrade doesn't work anymore and it seems to be a bug in Citrix.


I have a nested virtualization, a virtual machine is created with vSphere client.

On this VM , I installed citrix hypervisor 8.0 iso and did all the updates, prior to that version through xen center.

Vmware tools version 10.3.23 is installed on the host and everything is ok, vmware tools is running.


Before update

# vmware-checkvm

VMware software version 6 (good)


After upgrade to version 8.2 vmware tools is not running.

# vmware-checkvm

Not running in a virtual machine.





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I might again not answer your question, but I seriously doubt that this is a) a valid use case for XenServer and b) that they will look at the problem. For a quick dive into another hypervisor, it's most probably sufficient to go without optimised environment and for everything else - IMHO - nesting hypervisors is not the way forward.

Also, you won't find VMware as a base environment for XenServer in the HCL.

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