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Workspace fails to open

Mary Bauer


One of our users is unable to open her Workspace app.  When they click to open, nothing happens.  The Workspace app is running in task manager and each click on the icon will open another instance, but it never actually opens.  Each of the concurrent instances will close most of the time, or need to be manually quit.  Once all are quit workspace can be clicked again and will usually open.


Other steps I've taken are update, repair, reinstall, restart pc, and reset workspace.  These all work, but will only work for a couple weeks before the issue happens again and workspace hangs.  AV has been disabled as a test, but no change.


This is the only user this happens to, so I'm not sure...


Windows 10 (1909), Workspace 2103, user is a local admin, our internal Citrix site works and apps load perfectly.  Issue is just starting up workspace as the app launcher.

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Why is there no answer on this even on a Citrix forum? Any comments from Citrix guys? I am actually getting the same problem too, and its in a more difficult situation then the author, in the sense is that mine is affecting multiple users.


It is weird that it just started to have this problem suddenly last week. So basically similar as what the author said. Users are unable to start up Citrix workspace app. It just displays a black screen or even if it display the apps it either freezes or doesnt work. The resolution is to end all Citrix tasks running behind and start again. But it is annoying to do that all the time.

It feels like Citrix workspace is unable to handle multiple instances running. And if the first instance was not closed properly for some reason, a 2nd instance will never be launched.

Any advise?

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