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One-Drive Files on Demand in non-persistent VDI, not working

Bill Gruber


We're on app layered Win1809 image, non-persistent with full user layers(Not FSlogic)..  We have both GPO set to enable Files on Demand in OneDrive and for testing I enabled files on demand in local GPO.   I've checked the registry settings are correct as well.  I've got a case open with MS they are stating this isn't supported, but really seems like you should be able to make FoD work in a non-persist desktop. 


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This happens because OneDrive looks for the location of the cache, and unless it is completely masked and appears only as local it won't activate.


FSLogix with it's file system driver can fully mask that correctly.  So you probably are going to want to upgrade.


How is it not working?  Is files on demand not an option?  Does it not sync?

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This is an issue with the services it uses for files on demand.  Similar to how it doesn't work on 2016, but does work in 2019.


Did you install with the "OneDriveSetup.exe /allusers" setting?


Also your agent needs to be above 1907 for it to be fully supported.


I would recommend rolling out a newer Windows with the latest App Layering Agent.

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