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Director Hypervisor Health displays alerts for hosts not being used by Citrix



This environment wasn't setup by me so I'm not too familiar with certain things.  When I log into Director, every single Citrix site has tons of alerts from hosts going offline or memory usage being high.  The problem is, the majority of these hosts are not related to the Citrix environment.  These hosts are all in VMware vCenter though.  How can I have these alerts come from the hosts in the Citrix clusters only?  In Studio, under configuration, hosting, I see the connection to vCenter.  Just not sure what to do from here.  

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Do you have a separate vCenter or cluster for only the Citrix environment?

If yes, remove all unnecessary hosting connections.


It could be possible that you can't delete the hosting connections, because the Machine catalogs are bound to that hosting connection. 

If you are sure you don't want to receive the alerts, you need to delete all VM's, machine catalogs and hosting connections and create everything new and correct. 

You can test with creating a new hosting connections where you make sure you select only the cluster that you use for Citrix. 





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Thanks Sjoerd.  I think because on each site the Hosting is pointing to vCenter, instead of individual hosts, I am getting errors from all hosts in vCenter.  We do have Citrix only clusters, but we are pointing to vCenter so I'm seeing all host alerts.  I'll have to figure out my options.

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