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STA Ticket Validation failed

Hassan Babar

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Check your STA list on your gateway (vpn vserver)

Compare the list of STA's listed to the list of STA's specified on the StoreFront server.

Gateway can't used load balanced STA's and must use the full STA's.

Confirm DNS resolution on gateway resolves STA name to IP and that IP is reachable from Gateway (possibly by running a trace)


Check syslog/nslog for settings that are preventing connectivity from ADC to STA's during launch process.

NOTE:  This communication is usually dependent on the gateway SNIP and not the NSIP for firewall rules.


Syslog should show the gateway to STA communication attempt, the error, and which STA failed; you can then compare against the StoreFront servers and the necessary XML brokers (controllers). Looks for name resolution failures, firewall's blocking, or broker errors.  Citrix Director may have some info on the launch failures if the issue is more controller based/XML-based than gateway based.

syslog: (usually most relevant here)


cd /var/log

tail -f ns.log | grep -v CMD_EXECUTED




cd /var/nslog

nsconmsg -K newnslog -d event

nsconmsg -K newnslog -d consmsg




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