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Netscaler: service group with defunct servers while using roundrobin

Ronnie Shih

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Recently inherited a netscaler to manage and noticed a service group with about 15 servers found to it, however 5 servers have been shut down and decommissioned.  Whoever managed this also chose the roundrobin load balancing method.  Now knowing how roundrobin works, this service group must be serving and rolling through the 5 defunct servers.  I just want to verify this and remove the defunct servers' binding.



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If the individual members were marked "unmonitored" then they would be always up and of course that would be a problem; but as Sam pointed out any monitored service will be "skipped" for load balancing when in a DOWN state regardless of lb method in use (roundrobin or otherwise).

If they are monitored and UP when they are not supposed to be, then the monitor criteria is wrong.

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