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How can an app detect which display (monitor) it's running on in a Windows Citrix multi-monitor configuration?

Robert Cohn


Hello -


I have a dual-monitor setup, A and B, on a Windows Citrix virtual desktop.  An app running on that desktop would like to know when it is being displayed on monitor B.


Is there a Citrix API or some heuristic that the app can use to detect which monitor it's on?  I know that the user can expand the virtual desktop across both monitors and manually drag the app window over to monitor B, but it would be preferable if the app can automatically position itself on monitor B when it starts up. 


If the app were running in a non-virtual multi-monitor configuration, it could make OS calls to enumerate the monitors, get their identifiers, and get their positions.  Is something like that available in the Citrix virtual environment?  I am under the (perhaps mistaken) impression that from the Citrix server side, the multi-monitor configuration appears as a single display (at least as far as an app is concerned), and so what I want to do is not possible.


Thanks for any assistance that can be provided.

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