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Save File Access behavor


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Hi Michael Schwenke,


This is regarding the feedback we received for the Client drive mapping.


We see there is a concern about not able to add the drive through wfclient.ini ( in ~/.ICAClient folder).

Which is actually possible to do using the following steps.


Example: Add similar commands in wfclient.ini and the drive is accessed in the session based on the access level given.


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On 4/5/2021 at 9:52 AM, Harish Kumar Gurram said:

Hi Michael, 

What is the mode of launch ?

For weblaunch, the pop up appears each time ( security ).

Thank You

Have you any information for this behavor ?



we use Storebrows (not WebLaunch)


The problem  is in older versions we can set this behavor in wfclient.ini.


The ThinClients clients boot obver Network and hav no local Storage. We habe a customer (Helthscare) With 3000 ThinClients and we cane not use new Workspace app  at the moment.





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who is the CDM information sored ? 

- In Linux Filesystem ? (wfclient.ini, regions ...)

- Storefront Server ?



What’s new in 2101 Client drive mapping (CDM) enhancement With this release, access to mapped drives comes with an additional security feature. © 1999-2021 Citrix Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. 3 Citrix Workspace app for Linux You can now select the access level for the mapped drive for every store in a session. To stop the access level dialog from appearing every time, select the Do not ask me again option. The setting is applied on that particular store. Otherwise, you can set the access levels every time a session is launched.


Best regards



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Last year on this day I noticed the same problem with Citrix Workspace App (CWA) 2103 on Fedora 32 (fat client). After internal communication struggles I got access to Citrix support one month ago. Findings:

  • the additional permission request window appears since CWA 2012
  • since 2101 we have the current look
  • the "[] Do not ask me again for this virtual desktop" CWA GUI option does not work when using webbrowser to download ICA file to open it with CWA to access full desktop environment
  • not possible to configure it with configuration files either
  • when using Microsoft Windows client with the access method the "do not ask again" option works
  • Citrix support said using the CWA to join directly to the desktop environment should make the "do not ask again" option work on GNU/Linux too; in my case using CWA is not possible (blocked by our Citrix server)

Citrix support acknowledged the current situation (ticket 81040533) and created a Request For Enhancement (RFE) for CWA: RFE ID-013604. Check RFE's status with your Citrix account manager.


Until then I:

  • if shared drive not used, disable with `/opt/Citrix/ICAClient/util/configmgr`
  • or click the access level once at each start/reconnect
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add RFE number
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