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Problem with using HTTPS prefix for GSLB public FQDN with SAML/MFA authentication

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We are working on a project for a customer using ADC 13 (on-prem appliances in HA pairs in each location and an on-prem CVAD farm with zones in each region) and GSLB with static proximity (two locations initially but then expanding to five). Authentication is provided with SAML between the ADCs (SP) and Microsoft ADFS 4.0 (IdP) and an Azure MFA enterprise app in each Azure region local to each on-prem location.


When trying to connect using no prefix for the public FQDN  or just HTTP, redirection to the static proximity calculated Citrix Gateway works correctly (we can see the url redirection in the browser as it happens), and users can authenticate to login.microsoftonline.com and the MFA app and all the way through to their apps/desktops in Storefront. However, when using HTTPS, no redirection is observed in the browser bar and when the user follows the same logon process, it appears to work with MFA and the user prompted to use Microsoft Authenticator. After this we get a URL mismatch error AADSTS50011 (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/troubleshoot/azure/active-directory/error-code-aadsts50011-reply-url-mismatch). It looks like this is a redirection issue rather than a SAML auth one. We are experiencing the same issue in both locations. Anybody experienced this? Thanks


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Try using HTTTPWatch or Fiddler to see hat is happening:















Read this as it could be the GSLB  cookie persistance that is causig issues if you are using the redirect method.








You may also see:



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