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User complaining about disconnects...


We are on 7.15, and I have a user that says he is constantly losing his VDI session, it goes to a blank screen, and he has to close his session and reconnect. 


Where might I go in logs to see what is occurring? 


He is using a 8K monitor, I showed him the knowledge  base that 7.15 does not support that. He claims he is using a 4K monitor now. Still, he is the only one having this problem. As a test, I bumped his video memory from 4mb to 16mb as a test. That did not do anything.  He can reproduce the event, by scrolling through a very large XLS, the screen begins to do a grey flicker, then POOF. Buh bye session.


If I connect to his VDI it works great. Of course, right? 

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